Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's time to share

Every day I see technology being integrated in interesting, engaging and innovative ways in classrooms around the district. Teachers are taking risks, stretching out of their comfort zones and challenging students to learn new skills and gain knowledge in new ways.

Innumerable times I have thought to myself how great it would be if there was a way to share these ideas (successes and failures) with other members of the faculty.

For awhile Matt Townsley and I have discussed the possibility of an online district resource and we both agree that its time to stop talking and start sharing!

To get the ball rolling, Matt and I will be editing the SCSD Technology Corner Blog, but the focus will be on your classrooms. We'll be looking around, talking to people and bringing information, artifacts and suggestions back to this blog. Let us know what you are doing and we will post a blog entry. I honestly believe that everyone has something to share, even those of you who don't think of yourselves as "techies", so don't be shy.

Thank you in advance for sharing your creativity, enthusiasm and even your frustrations! We can learn so much from each other.

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