Thursday, February 18, 2010

Using the document camera in the Art Room

The document camera has become an essential tool I use on a daily basis. Students in first grade are able to watch in “real time” as I demonstrate an art technique. Here I am teaching students how to attach clay with the score and slip techniques. Without the use of the document camera, students would crowd around a table to watch a demonstration. With the "ELMO" all students are able to see the enlarged 3-dimensional image. Often I leave the camera on while students are working for later reference. Or, if I see a common mistake, I will stop the class and have a student re-teach the technique from the document camera. With the aid of the “ELMO” I have noticed students are more attentive and are able to recall and model the techniques with confidence and independence.

Jackie Meier
Lakeview Elementary, Solon

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