Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SCSD bloggers

Did you know that we have several staff members that are blogging up a storm?

Matt Townsley is probably the most veteran of the group. His assessment blog has garnered national attention. Check it out at: MetaMusings. He also does a podcast with his brother-in-law, Russ Goerend called "With Students In Mind".

Shawn Cornally is also weighing in on teaching, assessment and grading at his blog: Think, Thank, Thunk.

Dawn Posekany has been using the blogging format in the classroom with "Life Inside the Biology Classroom" hosted at EduBlogs.

Ivy Nielsen is experimenting with EduBlogs too for English 9.

Jennifer Boldt uses the blog option in iWeb for posting her assignments for classes like Earth and Environmental Science.

LeeAnn Gilroy posts at Blog de la tecnologia este semestre using Google Sites.

I use iWeb's easy blogging much the same way, for posting news. Because our blog pages are hosted locally on the SCSD server, the comment option is not available, limiting the usefulness for discussion. I post many of our multimedia projects on the blogs and the 3rd and 4th grade really enjoy looking and listening to each others work.

SCSD Media Services Blog
1st Grade MC Blog
2nd Grade MC Blog
3rd Grade MC Blog
4th Grade MC Blog
Peripatetic Librarian Blog

If I have accidently left out an SCSD blogger, let me know. Blogs are very easy to organize and follow using an RSS feed. Use this bundle to get started.

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