Friday, May 7, 2010

1st graders take a virtual tour of Lascaux caves

During art this week, first graders took a trip to southwestern France. I should clarify, a “virtual trip” through the complex caves of Lascaux. Known for some of the most preserved Paleolithic cave paintings, first graders “walked through” the deep canals and caverns and gasped and ducked their heads as they identified horses, bulls, birds, and human figures. As we toured the cave together, students excitedly shared some of their own cave experiences. We speculated why ancient people painted on cave walls and ceilings, we discussed the importance of animals to the livelihood of early mankind, and shared our ideas on how we think the artists accomplished these paintings.
We will follow-up our tour by creating our own cave art. Students will use their imaginations as we work upside down (under their tables), creating symbols to tell their life story.

To go on a virtual tour of Lascaux, visit the website.

Jackie Meier - Elementary Art Teacher

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