Monday, April 25, 2011

Visual Verse

Language Arts - Aaron Farnsworth

Here it is, finally, the creative project of a lifetime. Call me Zamboni/Call me Ishmael/Call me what you will---at some point, just make sure to call me poetry!-----it is in your veins, it is a part of you, it controls your every move and your daily thinking-We’re going to bring it to life!

You will take a poem and turn it into a cinematic production: a song, rap, mini-movie, dramatization, etc.—all done through a mini-film.

Your Undertaking:

1. Select two partners to work with on this assignment---please make sure your schedules are somewhat the same because all of your work will be done outside of the classroom. Also be sure that at least one of your trio has a video camera so that the recording can be uploaded to a computer.

2. Each person needs to find a poem for the group, one that could be turned into a video production.

3. The group needs to read each poem and vote on the best one. Once the poem is selected, please approve it with Mr. F.

4. Brainstorm as individuals and as a group and create ideas of what could visually be done with the poem.

5. Take these thoughts, sort them out, and narrow down your idea to create a final product proposal—this is what you want to create for your poem: the visual product and what it will look like. You will need to write a one page rationale explaining what you are going to do with the poem and why (a solid overview).

6. Learn basic information about filming and storyboarding.

7. Create a scene-by-scene storyboard, documenting how you will shoot your movie (actions, scenes, locations, style, music, etc). You will need to use at least six different types of shots in your filming and each person in the group must appear at least once. PLAN-PLAN-PLAN. You must also include what parts/lines/words of the poem will be read/heard during each clip.

8. Approve your storyboard with Mr. Farnsworth.

9. Start planning your shoot (dates and times). Remember, it does not have to be shot sequentially.

10. Shoot your film and re-shoot as needed. Use your storyboard to guide you. If you change shot ideas, these must be reflected in an updated storyboard.

11. Upload your material to a home (or school) computer and start the editing process. It is up to you to be creative and sell your product idea to others through visualization. You will need a title screen and a credits screen that shows the actors, any helpers, and a work cited for the poem being used.

12. Put your video together and include sound, voiceovers, and whatever else is needed. The final product must display visually or aurally the poem you are working with.

13. Continue to Re-shoot and add any needed scenes and work those into the film.

14. Create a finalized copy that can be viewed in the classroom. It may be created via: Windows Movie Maker, IMovie, etc. you may choose to upload it to youtube as well.

Point Value: 100 Pts.


Storyboard 20 +____

1Pg. rationale 10 +____

‘Film’ Complete and on time 10 +____


Camera time-all participants 10 +____

Professionally Done 10 +____

Creative 10 +____

Title screen 5 +____

Credits screen 5 +____

Effectively Accents the Poem 10 +____

Six types of shots 10 +____

TOTAL +____/100

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