Friday, February 15, 2013

What shall we call our iPad interest group?

iPad users at Lakeview Elementary met for the first time Friday morning February 15. Topics of interest:

  • Reflector app - It doesn't work on first generation iPads. It doesn't work with all applications. Sometimes the colors don't transfer. There seem to be some issues with the app disconnecting.
  • iPads in the Classroom - This GWAEA online class was highly recommended by two Lakeview teachers. It is offered again in April.
Favorite apps:
Our name? To be determined! 
  • Up and appy
  • TGIapps
  • Appy a.m.
  • Java & apps
  • If you're appy and you know it
  • Appnotic
  • Appiness in the a.m.

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