Thursday, October 23, 2014

Organizing Early

As a learner in school, our students have many obligations, especially as they get into older grades with homework, sports, extra curriculars, and family obligations.  As adults, we know the importance of keeping a calendar to helping us organize our personal and work lives.  At Solon Middle School, teachers are setting the stage early to help students have a strong foundation in task management by teaching them about the valuable technology tool, Google Calendars.

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Becicka, 6th grade teacher, about how the 6th grade team has implemented this with students.  Have you ever noticed the + sign on the bottom of a Google Calendar?
The + sign allows people to subscribe to a Google Calendar.  This means that the calendar will show up on a personal Google Calendar.  6th Grade students subscribe to their teacher’s calendar to be able to see all of their class schedules, homework assignments in one convenient place!  This is a great example of good teacher technology practice.  It’s easy for students and teachers.  Teachers only have one place to update and students only have to look in one place to see what is going on in classes.  Parents can also subscribe to keep up-to-date on class assignments as well.

It does take some student training to ease students into understanding the benefits of the Google Calendar, but Mrs. Becicka and the 6th Grade team are doing a great job at laying the groundwork for Solon students stay organized with Google Calendar.

- Contribution from Amber Bridge, Grant Wood AEA Technology Consultant. Want to share what is going on in your class or collaborate on a technology project?  Feel to to contact me

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  1. All Solon Middle School calendars are accessible on this web page:
    You can subscribe to a grade level or to individual calendars.
    4th grade has a shared calendar here:
    SCSD events and the nutrition calendars are accessible as well!