Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stop Motion Science

Using stop-motion video is a great way to press into our creative sides.  Using a free iPad app you can create a story with inanimate objects.  When you link it to the curriculum, it is great practice for students because it pulls not only from their knowledge-base of what they understand, but also into their creativity and sequencing.  Sequencing and understanding processes is a big part of many different subject areas, especially science.  Solon High School science teacher, Jenny Boldt, experiment with this idea, allowing her students to create review videos about the complicated science processes of fission and fusion.  

Check out what they created below.

The student’s creativity shines through these videos.  The added bonus for students is the timing of the video project, just before a test.  Since Mrs. Boldt assigned the video project before the exam, students could review and discuss the videos as a different way of studying for a test!  All of the different approaches the students took with their videos help students to see and remember the complicate science processes in a whole new way.  

- Contribution from Amber Bridge, Grant Wood AEA Technology Consultant. Want to share what is going on in your class or collaborate on a technology project?  Feel to to contact me

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