Friday, February 19, 2016

What will you look like 100 years?

Aging is a concept that can be really hard to wrap your mind around, especially for the youngest students in the Solon District.  To help celebrate the 100th day of school and address this topic, Laurie Stinocher, Begindergarten teacher, had the students tap into a great tech tool to explore aging.

Mrs. Stinocher used an app called Aging Booth to transform photos of her students instantly into an much older version of themselves.  

Their older version photos created so many great conversations. They had fun with the photos by guessing who with the other students' photographs.  

Through this topic, students were also able to tap into literacy activities. They wrote about 100 wishes that they had, activities they thought they'd be doing when they were 100 years old. It was a great opportunity for the 5 year-old students to practice sentence writing and tap into their creative drawing skills to help them create a book about their 100 year-old self.

Mrs. Stinocher used the Aging Booth app on her phone to take the transformative photos of her students. The app used to allow a way to email the photos to her email account, but got rid of that feature since the last time she used the app. Since she had an iPhone and a Mac computer, she was able to use a feature called Airdrop to send the photos directly from her phone to her computer. It's easy to use, just make sure that you are on the same wifi network. Choose the photo you want to send through your camera roll, then choose the share with Airdrop feature and within seconds it will appear in the corner of your computer and show that it is sending the photo to your downloads. You can send multiple pictures or videos as well through Airdrop. It's a great feature because it doesn't require you to connect your devices through any cords!

-Contribution from Amber Bridge, Technology Consultant from Grant Wood AEA. Want to share what's going on in your classroom or collaborate me on an upcoming project? Feel free to email me.

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