Monday, September 28, 2015

Celebrating Dot Day with Technology

Dot Day is celebrated, globally, around September 15th each year and revolves around the book The Dot written by Peter H. Reynolds.  Vashti, the character in the book, is challenged to create a painting in art class.  She struggles with making her creation and her teacher guides her to "make her mark".   Vashti stabs a dot in the middle of her paper and the story takes off from there with discussion on the importance of creativity, inspiration, and "making your mark".

A few classrooms were able to celebrate Dot Day at Lakeview Elementary.  Students created their dots by coloring a page that was acquired through the website of the app, Quiver.  Through the use of this special coded coloring page, students were then able to use iPads to scan their page in the Quiver app.  They were able to see their dot become 3D through augmented reality.  Students enjoyed exploring and inquiring about the augmented reality images seen through the app.

Students also extended their Dot Day celebration through a Skype connection.  Mrs. Brown's first graders connected with other first graders in Katy, TX.  We were thrilled to share the dots we created as well as exchange questions about where they live.  Ms. Eimer's second grade students connected with other second grade students in Mason City, IA.  Students also shared the dots they created and asked questions.  After our connection, we investigated where Mason City, IA was in relation to Solon, IA.

There were so many creative and unique dots students created.  It was amazing to see their reaction to their dots becoming 3D and also in making connections with students like them from a different part of the country.