Thursday, April 12, 2012

Teacher profile: Heather Groh

Heather Groh is currently the Lakeview Preschool teacher. She will be become a member of the third grade team next year.

How do you use technology in your classroom?

Email newsletters; PK website for registration; QPPS portfolio (state-wide grant); Dropbox to share with AEA; administration; online books, short videos, etc to enhance lessons focusing on our preK curriculum; counting by 5’s/10's; phonics songs; viewing world maps; small group lessons/center time; curriculum/assessments - all online; Mimio use for the whole group at this point, planned use for small groups in the future when everyone is comfortable with the tool, digital photos; movies

What would like to try next year when you become a 3rd grade teacher? 

Blogging, continued use of the Mimio --- anything Kathy suggests that I can tie back into the third grade curriculum! :) I'm open to trying new things!

What is your favorite tech tool?

Does iMovie count? If so, I love creating iMovies for family, friends, and my class! I am just beginning a Graduation Video for this year's class. I will share this at our PreK Graduation Ceremony and burn a copy for each family.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself: (years in the district, years teaching, family, education, hobbies, etc.) 

Years in the district: 2
Years teaching: 3
Family: Husband, Scott & Dog, Jack :)
Education: Undergraduate Degrees in Early Childhood Special Education from ISU; Reading Endorsement from ISU; currently taking Leadership Education class through Drake
Hobbies: Running, Boating, Co-Ed Volleyball & Softball, Reading, Baking, Attending ISU FB Games, Working (haha, sad but true!)

Teacher Profile: Travis Kerkove

Travis Kerkove is a 6th grade teacher at Solon Middle School.

How do you use technology in your classroom?
I have tried to incorporate technology to enhance my classroom instruction for every unit.  One way I use technology in the classroom is having the students use Google Docs to create documents and slideshows with pictures they have taken in school for our Models and Designs unit.  During our measuring time unit, students create keynote slideshows to highlight a specific astronomy topic they have researched in class and present as a speech.  
What new tools have you tried out or interested in trying out this school year? I have started using Edmodo this year with all sections of science class.  It has been very beneficial to gain a great amount of feedback and student interaction in a short amount of time.  It has a facebook feel but is based solely from a topic or specific question I post.  I am also interested in using Skype in the classroom specifically with connecting to NASA.  We have followed NASA during our astronomy unit on Twitter and have seen many videos they have provided.  I am very interested in connecting with an astronaut to give the students a chance to learn more directly from someone who has experienced life in space.  
What is your favorite technology device?  Why?
The iPad is quickly becoming my favorite technology device because of the incredible learning applications, but I feel like I need learn more about educational applications to assist student learning with these.  
Tell us a little bit more about yourself
This is my sixth year of teaching at Solon Middle School.  I have been teaching for a total of 15 years. I am married to Janelle (who teaches high school math at SHS) and have three children, Brianna, Madison, and Tanner.  I received my bachelor's degree from the University of Northern Iowa and am currently earning my master's degree in education from Graceland University.  Some of my hobbies include camping, boating, disc golfing and reading.