Thursday, April 12, 2012

Teacher profile: Heather Groh

Heather Groh is currently the Lakeview Preschool teacher. She will be become a member of the third grade team next year.

How do you use technology in your classroom?

Email newsletters; PK website for registration; QPPS portfolio (state-wide grant); Dropbox to share with AEA; administration; online books, short videos, etc to enhance lessons focusing on our preK curriculum; counting by 5’s/10's; phonics songs; viewing world maps; small group lessons/center time; curriculum/assessments - all online; Mimio use for the whole group at this point, planned use for small groups in the future when everyone is comfortable with the tool, digital photos; movies

What would like to try next year when you become a 3rd grade teacher? 

Blogging, continued use of the Mimio --- anything Kathy suggests that I can tie back into the third grade curriculum! :) I'm open to trying new things!

What is your favorite tech tool?

Does iMovie count? If so, I love creating iMovies for family, friends, and my class! I am just beginning a Graduation Video for this year's class. I will share this at our PreK Graduation Ceremony and burn a copy for each family.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself: (years in the district, years teaching, family, education, hobbies, etc.) 

Years in the district: 2
Years teaching: 3
Family: Husband, Scott & Dog, Jack :)
Education: Undergraduate Degrees in Early Childhood Special Education from ISU; Reading Endorsement from ISU; currently taking Leadership Education class through Drake
Hobbies: Running, Boating, Co-Ed Volleyball & Softball, Reading, Baking, Attending ISU FB Games, Working (haha, sad but true!)

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