Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mimio action

From our elementary school music teacher, Michelle Lyons:

In music class, 1st-4th grade students are studying piano and playing on a set of traveling keyboards. To enhance instruction this year, I have been able to utilize the mimio and its software. With the multimedia tools already in place within the software, I have accessed the "playable" keyboard to show students patterns, songs, notes, the staff, and so much more. Before students use the real keyboard, I am able to assess their abilities by having them play on the mimio keyboard and answer questions by drawing on the keyboard or highlighting certain keys.

All grades have been more than excited to use this new technology! I feel as if all the students are quite engaged in our lessons and eager to try their newly learned skills and concepts on the actual keyboard. They are more prepared and learn songs faster because I can simply point/play something quickly. The students' understanding of our goals and ability to play during this unit are without a doubt better than previous years.

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