Monday, February 2, 2015

Creating Harmony with Music and Technology

If you think you know what happens in a choir class at Solon High School, think again. Technology has rerouted the path of choir classes for the future.  I thank the choir teacher, Joel Foreman, for sharing with me some of the amazing experiences that are available for Solon Choir students.  Going digital in the vocal music department at Solon High is proving to offer students experiences that go far beyond the typical choir environment.  

In a choir, every voice lends itself to the harmony of the group.  Each voice is important to the overall sound of the choir.  Technology has made it easier to examine the different sections of the choir to be able to isolate and compare the sopranos and altos for example.  Watch how this video technology allows Mr. Foreman to isolate and hear individual student performances who are singing in a large group.

Mr. Foreman blends technology into his teaching as seamlessly as the voices of his choir blend together to create harmony.  Aside from the powerful impact of creating choral recordings, technology is also used to help students learn music.  For students that would like to opportunity to slow down a fast song they are learning, they use an app with an interesting name, the Amazing Slow Downer.  Using this app, students have the ability to repeat any section of music, change up the speed to either slow down or speed up the song to be able to understand the music in a whole new way.  
Going digital has also allowed the Choir Department to catalogue students’ performances. Using these archived performances, students can create an individual album of their vocal work over their four years of high school.  It creates a whole new perspective on a student portfolio.  Being able to walk out of high school with an album, amazing!  #solonstrong

- Contribution from Amber Bridge, Grant Wood AEA Technology Consultant. Want to share what is going on in your class or collaborate on a technology project?  Feel to to contact me

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