Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Working with Green Screen!

SMS Tech Club (SparTech) had its first meeting September 22nd.  We explored creating images and videos using green screen technology.  Amber Bridge, Tech Consultant from GWAEA brought along some equipment to help us explore this technology.

Amber and the GWAEA Digital Learning Team have a YouTube show called Think, Make, Innovate.  The first episode is a green screen challenge.  SparTech students completed this challenge in very creative ways.  They used a green screen and tripod, which the school already had.  Amber brought with her an iPad with the app, DoInk, and an iPad holder for the tripod (Makayama Movie Mount) and props.  Students had great use of the props, which made the green screen products more fun!

The possibilities with using green screen technology is endless.  It can instantly put you in a different location or serve as a backdrop for any occasion.  It is a way for students to become instantly engaged and invested in the learning process.

Here are a few videos that students created.  Enjoy!

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