Friday, March 25, 2016

Watch Your Step! Spheros in Action

Around lunch time in the library at Lakeview, you may spot a white ball whizzing by you on the floor.  No, the students haven’t organized an indoor baseball game.  4th grade students are learning with robots called Spheros.  Spheros are a tough, spherical robot that can be controlled and coded to drive around and change colors using different apps on the iPad.

On the day that I visited, students were using an app called Drive and Draw.  It appears deceptively simple, draw a path or shape on the iPad and then hit play and the robot travels in the drawn path.  However, on the app surface, there is a grid.  Students were testing their math estimation and measurement skills by determining how far each grid square is in “real life.”  Once students have determined the distance, they design an obstacle course using common objects around the library, including books, chairs to see if they can draw their Sphero successfully through the course.  The students showcased their imaginations and innovation skills to rethink purposes to common objects and applied their math estimation skills in a whole new way.  

Check out their creativity below!

-Contribution from Amber Bridge, Technology Consultant from Grant Wood AEA.  Want to share what's going on in your classroom or collaborate me on an upcoming project?  Feel free to email me.

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