Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Window in the Classroom for Parents - Photo of the Day!

The relationship between parents and teachers are key in helping students to be successful in school.  One of the ways to nurture that relationship is through communication.  Many teachers utilize technology to create newsletters, blogs, or even twitter feeds to communicate with parents and the community about what is going on in school.  

I came across a good example of this when I recently met with Mrs. Dibble, a Kindergarten teacher at Lakeview Elementary.  Mrs. Dibble gives parents a quick snapshot of what is going on in her class in an easy and quick way.  She has created a page on her classroom website called Photo of the Day!  During the course of the day, Mrs. Dibble will snap a photo of what is going on in her classroom, write a paragraph caption for the photo, and upload!  So simple and effective!  Mrs. Dibble can create a Photo of the Day! on the fly in the classroom, because it doesn’t take up too much time.

The Photo of The Day! gives parents a window into the daily classroom environment.  Kindergarteners are so hands-on in class the photos help to reinforce what is actually happening during classtime.  Students can also use the photos to help explain to their parents at night what they did at school.  Parents can even subscribe to updates on the page to be notified when a new photo is added. The Photo of Day! has also been used to showcase student work created on the iPad.  It would be very exciting for students to be able to show their parents and grandparents how their work is online.

Check out the Photo of Day! to get a glimpse of what is going on in Mrs. Dibble’s Kindergarten class.

- Contribution from Amber Bridge, Grant Wood AEA Technology Consultant. Want to share what is going on in your class or collaborate on a technology project?  Feel to to contact me

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